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welcome to @user

male he/him pronouns only
eng n port gay gemini intj

🫧 𓂂 ׁ ּ  🐱  𓈒 𝅄

yes philosphy and existencialist stuff, beach rainy days and thunders, music, salad, silence, coffee,

no loud noises, bad people, crowded places, mushroom, closed minded people

byf I post about everything that interests me and not only one thing. I'm not a harsh and obssessive fan of kpop. may sound dry sometimes. I talk about music a lot. actually the most thing i'm preserving is my peace.

dfi don't follow basic criteria. take kpop too serious. anti solo stan. eventualy are into fanwars on internet. toxic people for fun. we don't have nothing in common. conservative.

you can text me anytime you want someone to talk to. :)